We are going to participate since today in the National Health Blog Post Month with @wegohealth. WEGO Health is an online network of Health Activists: influencers, leaders, & contributors who are passionate about helping others and this is an opportunity to share opinions and contents about health issues with bloggers from around the world. We´ll try to do a strong effort to write the next days this blog in english, following the prompts of this iniciative.
The prompt today is «Write a list of three things that you are thankful for or inspired by. The journalists with long experience in communication health that write this blog are thankful for:
1) mHealth.  mHealth has enormous potential to increase the productivity of the worldwide health sector and bring about significant cost savings.  It could be a very useful tool to solve the core problems of our health system.
2) Social networks. Internet and the social networks (Twitter above all) have increased our perspectives and the way we communicate. Now can get in touch doctors and patients, becoming the health sysytem more democratic and participatory.
3) Health journalists. We need them to diffund the more relevant informations about treatments, diseases, health issues… we live a moment of loss of prestige and is necessary rehabilitate the value and job of very good professionals like @emiliodebenito@xavigranda@DavidRuiperez@mvsiguiendo and many more.

Awesome Works
Awesome Works

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