mHealth in the doctor´s office

We are participating this November in the National Health Blog Post Month, an iniciative that requires write posts in english about the original prompts suggested for each day of the month. Today’s prompt is a strange and original prompt: “redesign a doctor’s office or hospital room”.
At first a crucial element of the doctor´s office is the waiting room; this room is often a cold and empty space but the ideal waiting room should be a comfortable space with elements of design that produce warmth and relax. Paintings, pictures, plants, carpets.. could help to get a personal touch. Besides, following Fen-Sui advices could be useful too.
Concerning the doctor´s office, mHealth is the most important to get a better diagnosis and treatment: doctor should wear a mobile phone with medical apps to consult doubts, have a PC and a big space with tools to recognize the patient. Nowadays these new thecnologies are smaller and easily manipulated so it´s not necessary have a big doctor´s office.
At last, as well as new thecnologies, the most important design factor in doctor´s office is anything that helps to get a better communication between doctor and patient and to improve diagnosis and treatment.